Jon Jost

Jon Jost
Year of birth, place
1943, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist, in the collection
Institute / Department
Institute for Visual Media
At the ZKM

    1999 - 2000, 2001 - 2002

Expelled from Illinois Institute of Technology, 1962 after two unhappy years. Self-taught film and video-maker. Jon Jost has made fourteen full length celluloid films, and since 1997 some twenty full length digital film, as well as installations, and numerous short films. He also paints and does serious photography, maintains five blogs, and writes and sings country-western music.
He was accorded full retrospectives of his film work at MoMA, and numerous other setting in 1991, including the Cinematheques in Madrid, Lisbon, Bologna, Torino, Berlin and many others in USA and elsewhere. His work is show regularly at festivals, and when there still remained a non-commercialized market, on European television. He constantly travels and has lived in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Paris, London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Rome and Seoul.  In the period 2007-2011 he was Distinguished Professor at Korea's Yonsei University.
[Last update: 2011]