Lars Åkerlund

Year of birth, place
1953, Solna, Sweden
lives and works in
Stockholm, Sweden
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist
Institute / Department
Institute for Music and Acoustics
At the ZKM

    Februar - März 2014


Lars Åkerlund is a sound artist and composer/performer of electronic as well as electroacoustic music. With a classical training, he also works in the music underground scene; he founded bands such as P.I.T.T. (among others, with Zbigniew Karkowski) and the Lucky People Center (among others, with Johan Söderberg) and was member of the Mental Hackers. He studied classical guitar at the Conservatorio del Liceo, Barcelona, classical guitar and electroacoustic music at the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, as well as musicology at the University of Stockholm. Åkerlund works and lives in the studio with computers, controllers and live electronic equipment such as an amplified monochord.