Lothar Quinte

Year of birth, place
1926, Neisse, Germany
Year of death, place
2000, Wintzenbach, France
Role at the ZKM
Artist of the Collection
Lothar Quinte did an apprenticeship as a wall painter (1937–1941). 1941–1945 military service in the German Army. 1946–1951 studied at the Kunstschule Kloster Bernstein, Sulz, DE. Student of HAP Grieshaber. 1959–1960 guest teacher at the Werkkunstschule Krefeld. 1960 member of group Europa. 1986–1994 annual winter studio in Goa, India.
Exhib.: 1962, »Markus Prachensky – Lothar Quinte«, studio f, Ulm. 1965, »Signale«, studio f, Ulm.