Markus Sixay

Year of birth, place
1974, Langen, Germany

Artist Markus Sixay explores with his work the possibilities and limits of sculpture through the creation of a frictional and ironic relationship with reality. He borrows from art genres such as concept and context art and leads these approaches ad absurdum through a Dadaist gesture. Irony and verbal-visual play are consistent components of his work. The comprehensive title of a series of video works, "Creating nothing by creating something without creating anything", could also serve as a motto for his oeuvre.

Although his work appeals more directly to our cognitive abilities than our sensory perception, Sixay affords an important role to the material itself by allowing the medium to transport meaning in his art. The abstract structures and concepts from the areas of economy, philosophy, and sociology often become visible in his works and are thus given "good form". The materials are taken, at a first glance, from the everyday, profane world: plastic straws, TV test images, polyurethane foam, plastic foil, bracing wire, etc. Through the subtle forming of these materials and their refined arrangement, Sixay takes on fundamental philosophical questions and sociological ideas in the form of an artistic paradox.