Max Bense

Walther-Bense - Italienreise - 1955
Year of birth, place
1910, Strasbourg, France
Year of death, place
1990, Stuttgart, Germany
Max Bense studied mathematics, physics, geology, mineralogy, and philosophy at the Universities of Cologne and Bonn; 1937 doctorate in physics. 1938 scientific employee, IG Farben, Leverkusen. 1939 recruited by the German army. From 1941 physicist and mathematician in a high frequency laboratory in Berlin. 1945 named chancellor of the University of Jena. 1946 habilitation thesis. 1948 fled to Western Germany. From 1949 professor of philosophy and philosophy of science at the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart. 1957 founded Studiengalerie des Studium Generale at the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart. 1953–1958 taught at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Ulm (HfG). 1958, 1960, and 1966/1967 guest professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg. 1960–1964 lectured at the Escola Superior de Desenho Industrial and at the Museu de Arte Moderna, Rio de Janeiro. 1978 professor emeritus.
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