Artificial Intelligence and Art

Face of a woman. The portrait, which looks like a painting, was created with the help of artificial intelligence.

Can machines think? Can machines be creative? These questions have fascinated artists, scientists and engineers ever since computers became available for civilian use in the early 1950s. In the laboratories of universities, research centres and industry, there was continuous research into the further development of "artificial intelligence" programmes, but interested laypersons had little opportunity to familiarise themselves with the technology that will change the world of work and everyday life just as much as it may change art and our understanding of creativity. With major advances in research and the recent decision by large corporations to make artificial intelligence software available as open source, the field is now open to new players.

The planned events will offer scientists, engineers and artists the opportunity to exchange views on the state of research and the perspective of the arts. The events stimulate long-term cooperation between the actors from science, technology and art and thus creates the prerequisites for jointly developing artistic projects that reveal possible horizons of artificial intelligence for the individual and society. An online publication introducing the topic is in preparation.



Department Wissen - Collection, Archives and Research (Margit Rosen, Jenny Starick)
Curatorial Department (Blanca Gimenez, Yasemine Keskintepe)

Researcher in Residence
Lia Carreira

Supported by

Stadt Karlsruhe

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