European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity

A man performs in front of a canvas on which a luminous ball can be seen

The European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC) emerged from several European institutions involved in research, technology development, creation and education in the field of technologies applied to artistic creation.

EASTN-DC is a follow-up to EASTN and is a forerunner of the next digital revolution.

After the first phase, known as the »calculating machine«, with the intensive development of computing power and its democratization, after the second phase, known as the »communicating machine«, with the development of the Internet and large-scale uses, the third phase is in gestation and will be just as revolutionary as the two previous ones.

In this third phase, »machines will address all the sensory and active means of humans«, a phase forecast by interactive and multimodal technologies. This phase, in turn, will allow for sensitive creation and communication.

The EASTN-DC project puts forward the idea that it will be possible for the citizen not only to follow this evolution but to anticipate, guide and concentrate it.

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Organization / Institution
ACROE, Grenoble (FR)

Grenoble INP, Grenoble (FR)
Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff (GB)
ZKM | Karlsruhe (DE)
MisoMusicPortugal, Lissabon (PT)
Ionian University, Corfu (GR)
Aalborg University, Kopenhagen (DK)
The Royal College of Music, Stockholm (SE)
iMAL, Brüssel (BE)
Ljudmila, Ljubjana (SI)
SMAC de Romans, Romans-sur-Isère (FR)
Cuneo Conservatorio, Cuneo (IT)
University of Manchester, Manchester (GB)

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