European Art Science and Technology Network

Representation of physical models in the museum
The significance of digital technologies for artistic work is rapidly increasing – from the development of the artistic object through to the possibilities of media processing. And yet, due to the multiplicity of possibilities which exist with respect to the artistic use of digital technologies, as well as their continuing development, knowledge of the functionality of digital technologies still remains rather low both among the general public as well as among artists.

Therefore, the aim of the EU project »European Art Science and Technology Network« (EASTN), is to create open access to the digital creativity in which well-founded knowledge is mediated via current developments and the technologies on which they are based. Here, the focus is on the subject »tangibility«. Thus, within the EASTN project, those methods are examined which, above all, facilitate the interaction with digital media via sensory stimulation and thus the connections between real and virtual worlds. Through this, the gaze is not only directed to the role of the body in the process of artistic creation, but the publics’ understanding and use of digital tools is thereby furthered.

As part of the EU project, the five-day festival entitled »Tangible Sound« is scheduled for September 2015. The festival consists of concerts, presentations, installations and a symposium, in which framework the results of the project are to be presented.
Organization / Institution
ACROE Grenoble, Frankreich
Project team
Götz Dipper (Musikinformatik), Yannick Hofmann (Projektassistenz),  Marie-Kristin Meier (Projektkoordination), David Wagner (Software-Entwicklung), Luise Wiesenmüller (Projektassistenz)
With the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union


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