inSonic 2020
Visual of the »inSonic 2020« festival at the ZKM Karlsruhe.
Fri, 11.12.2020 – Sun, 13.12.2020, Festival

The ZKM | Hertz-Lab will be hosting this year's edition of the »inSonic« Festival, examining the shifts, transitions and expansions which take place in the field of music and sound art.

The »inSonic« Festival will explore the new formats and artistic practices, including but not limited to the use of disruptive technologies, like »Machine Learning« or concepts such as »Extended Reality«, whose development gives rise to the shifts, transitions and expansions in in the field of music and sound art.

The festival will be held as a wide streaming-edition including lightning talks, panel discussions, artistic performances and live-concerts within which new pieces by, among others, Giulia Vismara, Aaron Einbond, Quadrature among others will premiere. The notion of Syntheses delineates the attempt to describe this diversity of heterogenous artistic and academic stances, which will not only be represented but also meaningfully connected with each other in the course of the festival. This productive way of merging international and interdisciplinary expertise takes place in cooperation with the European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC). 

By means of two panel discussions the Hertz-Lab puts a strong emphasis on the artistic use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the sphere of music and sound art. The conversation will focus on the comparison between innovative tools which shape the work of today’s sound artists and musicians and the creative practices used by early pioneers in the domain of computer music. The overarching question will be, whether and how the artistic desideratum and the particular (technological) challenges have changed over the years and how they will look like in the future.


Friday, 11.12.2020

4 pm–7 pm Symposium Session I (Moderation: Yannick Hofmann)

    • Lightning Talks

Ludger Brümmer: Introduction

Ionian University, Corfu (GR)

    • Iannis Zannos, Angelos Floros and Marianna Kaza »The Well Cradle«

Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff (GB)

    • Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos and Odysseas Klissouras »Light-Shadow-Sound: Experimenting with Simple Mathematical and Algorithmic Processes«
    • Jon Pigott »Resonant Forms«
    • Paul Granjon »Insect Buzz«

Ljudmila, Ljubljana (SI)

    • Luka Frelih »How Do You Want to Do It? Experiences in Live Coding«
    • Tadej Droljc »BEAMBREAKER – Aesthetic Research of Light-Based Audiovisual Objects«

University of Manchester, Manchester (GB)

    • Ricardo Climent, Alena Mesarosova and Manuel Ferrer Hernandez (Manusamo&Bzika) »Timbila Live Aid – Play for Fun. Share the Reward«, multiplayer game
    • Vicky Clarke »Sleepstates_Machine Learning & Musique Concrete«

Cuneo Conservatorio, Cuneo (IT)

    • Giuseppe Gavazza »Lost in Modelling 1996-2020: My First Twenty-Four Years with GENESIS«
    • Davide Ficco »Asymmetric Thought. Italian Music for Guitar and Electronics«
    • Cuneo METS students »METS-Generation, From Here to Elsewhere«

8 pm Concert I

    • All first performances live on site.
    • Quadrature with Christian Losert »C.R.E.D.O. Fantasie#3«
    • Julia Jasmin Rommel »Zwischenraum – Akustische Kartographie«
    • Opening Performance Orchestra »Trio No. 1«

Saturday, 12.12.2020

4 pm–6 pm Symposium Session II (Moderation: Cecilia Preiß)

    • EASTN-DC Residencies at ZKM
    • Silvia Rosani »Artist Talk«
    • Justine Emard »Supraorganism«
    • Giulia Vismara »Dust Variations«
    • Aaron Einbond »The Secret Inner Life of the Piano: Cosmologies III«

6 pm–8 pm Panel-Discussion I​​​​​​​: Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence

8 pm Concert II

    • Binaural
    • Giuseppe Gavazza »Foresta 4, Tissardmine«
    • Aaron Einbond »Cosmologies III«
    • Giulia Vismara »Dust Variations«
    • Gianluca Verlingieri »Dante's Songs«

Sunday, 13.12.2020

4 pm–6 pm Symposium Session III (Moderation: Yannick Hofmann)

    • ​​​​​​​Disruptive Future Technologies
    • Ludger Brümmer, Dan Wilcox and Pierre Ritt (Hertz-Labor) »Zirkonium«
    • Stephan Henrich, Hasan Mashni »Okkulte Robotique – Séance AI«
    • Quadrature »So Far the Skies Are Silent – Artistic Installations and Performances with Radio Telescopes and Neural Networks«
    • Alexander Schubert »Parallel Networks of Altered Truths«
    • Iannis Zannos »Contrasts-Tokyo Walks: Machines, People, Insects« (interactive)

6 pm–8 pm Panel-Discussion II: Artificial Neural Networks

8 pm Concert III

    • Stereo
    • Kim Hedås »Stills«
    • Apostolos Loufopoulos (Sound) and Thomas Valianatos (Video) »Bee1 (Be One)«
    • Giuseppe Gavazza »25_Ambiances_du_confinement_ 4’33«
    • Henrik Frisk »Image Schema«
    • Ljudmila and Lighting Guerilla »Plato's Bodies«

The festival is accompanied by the Telegram group We are looking forward to questions, thoughts and joint discussions!
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Das Festival wird über die Telegram-Gruppe begleitet. Wir freuen uns über Fragen, Gedanken und gemeinsame Diskussionen!
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The event via live stream
Project Team

ZKM | Hertz-Lab

Ludger Brümmer, Yannick Hofmann
Curation & Moderation

Cecilia Preiß
Event Organisation, Editing & Moderation

Dominik Kautz
Event Organisation & Production

Benjamin Miller
Sound Direction

Hans Gass
Light & Event Technician

ZKM | Video Studio

Peter Müller
Visual Director & Live Editing

Tim Wenz
Live Editing & Additional Footage Editing

Xenia Leidig
Graphic Art

Christina Zartmann, Andy Koch, Jule Heinzmann
Additional Footage Editing

ZKM | Communication & Marketing

Dominika Szope
Head of ZKM | Communication & Marketing

Lena Becker, Sabine Jäger, Lena Schneider
Website and Communication

Adrian Koop


Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

The »inSonic 2020: Syntheses« festival takes place within the frame of the project EASTN-DC, co-funded by the »Creative Europe Programme« of the European Union.

European Art-Science-Technology Network for Digital Creativity (EASTN-DC)

Creative Europe Programme of the European Union