ZKM goes India

An overview of ZKM activities in the country of technologies

Impressions of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

ZKM has been active in India since January 2017. With its expertise in digital change, it is acting as a driving force, an idea platform and important communicator between culture and new technologies.


The ZKM at the Kala Ghoda Festival 2020
The Kala Ghoda Festival attracts over one million people to the Kala Ghoda district on the southern tip of Mumbai. From 01.–09.02.20, the ZKM will participate in the 20th edition of the street festival with workshops and installations.


Open Codes. The Art of Coding
After the success of »Open Codes. Digital Culture Techniques«, in Mumbai in spring 2018, the ZKM presents another exhibition satellite in the capital city of Maharashtra in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut.

The »Kala Ghoda Arts Festival« is Indians largest multicultural festival which takes place every year in February. During the »Kala Ghoda Arts Festival« works will be shown in the Open Codes laboratory in the Max Mueller Bhavan Gallery. The ZKM | Karlsruhe will transform the exhibition space together with Karlsruhe Entropia e.V. and local artists and hackers into a multifunctional code and media art laboratory.

The ZKM operates as a kind of ambassador for the city of Karlsruhe. It strengthens the city's international relations and Karlsruhe's profile as a location for innovation.

Christiane Riedel, Chief Operating Officer of the ZKM


Coding Culture Hackathon
After the success of the first »Coding Culture Hackathon«, ZKM and Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai organized a second »Coding Culture Hackathon« in Mumbai.


Nehru Science Centre as Guest at ZKM
From November 14 to 21, 2018, two curators from the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai, the largest interactive science centre in India, were on a research trip at the ZKM.

Over five days, Shri Arnab Chatterjee and Shri Apurba Biswasis met experts from the ZKM curator team, from the ZKM museum technology as well as from the museum communication. They not only dealt intensively with the exhibition experiment »Open Codes«, but also visited the laboratory for antiquated video systems.

The Nehru Science Centre Mumbai attracts around 750,000 visitors annually. A total of around 500 interactive objects from the fields of science and technology are exhibited there.


Ayurveda Healing and Quantum Physics
Shreeguru Dr. Balaji També presents in his interactive lecture some basic ideas of quantum physics and hypotheses how Ayurveda induces healing on more than just the material level.
Portrait of Shriguru Balaji També
Shreeguru Dr. Balaji També


India goes ZKM
From May 9–14, 2018, the Indian winning team »Morpheus« of the »Coding Culture Hackathon« visited the exhibition »Open Codes« at ZKM and the 18th Goulash Programmers Night – the second largest hacker meeting in Europe.
The Indian winning team »Morpheus« with Peter Weibel and Frank Mentrup Karlsruhe
The Indian winning team »Morpheus« of the »Coding Culture Hackathon« at the Goulash Programmers Night with Peter Weibel, Christian Loelkes and Dr. Frank Mentrup.

The winning team of the »Coding Culture Hackathon« was not the only guest at ZKM coming from Mumbai in May 2018. The exhibition experiment »Open Codes« also prompted a prospective museum founder and a student of »Machine Learning« to make the long jouney from Mumbai to experience the exhibition and the ZKM. How they experience the exhibition can be read in our magazine:


Why Karlsruhe when Mumbai is so close
Yasha Jain from Mumbai studies machine learning and materials science. When she read about the »Open Codes« exhibition, it is clear to her: »I have to see this exhibition!« – and visited it in Mumbai and in Karlsruhe.


Open Codes as inspiration
Preeti Goel Sanghi, Fellow of the ARThinkSouthAsia program, looked for inspiration in the »Open Codes« exhibition for her newly founded »Museum of Solutions« in Mumbai.


An adapted version of the ZKM exhibition experiment »Open Codes. Living in Digital worlds« has been on display at the Goethe-Institut Mumbai until June 2, 2018.

A travel version for India

A total of fifteen installations were selected for the exhibition in the Goethe-Institut Mumbai.

The works relate to India and have been partially adapted, for example the ZKM production »Genealogy of Digital Code« additionally contains important Indian developments and events. Language-based works, such as »Lost in Computation« by Jonas Eltas, are now available not only in digital codes and in English, but also in Hindi. 

Exhibition view »Open Codes. Digital Culture Techniques«, Mumbai

In Mumbai, too, admission to the exhibition is free as well as the diverse program of events and workshops in cooperation with numerous local players. 


Award ceremony
On April 7, 2018, the winning team of the »Coding Culture Hackathon«, »Morpheus« was awarded at the Goethe-Institut in Mumbai.From May 10–13, 2018, the team will travel to the ZKM for Europe's second largest hacker meeting.
The picture shows the winners of the Coding Culture Hackathon in Mumbai.
The proud winning team of the Coding Culture Hackathon with Christiane Riedel, Chief Operating Officer of ZKM, in Mumbai


In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Mumbai, the ZKM organized a »Coding Culture Hackathon« in Mumbai from February 1–2, 2018, which connected established Indian cultural institutions with the local coder scene.

Coding Culture

A cultural data hackathon

The hackathon built a pre-running event for the exhibition »Open Codes. Digital Culture Techniques«, already addressing this topic of the exhibition of digital code as a new cultural technique.

Participants of the Coding Culture Hackathon in Mumbai.


Delivering Change Forum
As part of the first »Delivering Change Forum« in Mumbai, ZKM participated as a partner in the conference »Delivering Change: Innovation, Transformation and Change in today's world« with contributions from digital art and culture.
Black and white shot of a busy street in Mumbai.

The conference focused on the exchange between advanced research, for example in the areas of technology, sustainability, globalization, bio-medicine and start-ups, as well as on representatives of venture capital, who are developing new economic models in this field.

The conference also brought the start-up regions of Maharashtra, Baden-Württemberg and Israel into a lively dialogue and offered a platform for young Indian startups and artists to network with international companies. 

With its contributions, the ZKM provided impulses for innovative questions from the perspective of art and creativity in connection with technology. As part of the conference, it organized the exhibition »Art & Science« in the Nehru Center Mumbai with thematically corresponding installations from the ZKM collection. 

The picture shows ¬Art & Science« at the Delivering Change Forum in India