Dennis del Favero, Agnes Hegedues, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel

Cover of the publication »(Dis)Locations«
Type of publication
Anthology, CD-ROM/DVD
Author / Editor
Astrid Sommer (Ed.)
Publishing house, place
Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern
Photography, video, dance and music were the media and subjects of the first four issues of the ZKM digital arts edition, which were published in 1998 and 1999. While the first installments in this series devoted to important works of interactive art appeared on CD-ROM, the new medium of DVD-ROM is the chosen vehicle as of 2001. The forthcoming issue deals with innovative narrative forms of interactive film in the widest possible sense. (dis)LOCATIONS comprises works investigating the multiplicity of urban and sexual erosions accompanying the digital relocations that characterize contemporary culture. The contributing artists - Dennis Del Favero, Agnes Hegedüs, Ian Howard, Susan Norrie, Jeffrey Shaw, and Peter Weibel - use experimental interactive narratives to explore the contending forces at work in this bright yet dark new world. (dis)LOCATIONS is part of the broader iiC_inema project, which deals with the research and development of innovative forms of interactive cinema able to map the disconnections and transmigrations shaping these strange territories of the new.
1 DVD + booklet
The Center for Interactive Cinema Research ; College of Fine Arts ; University of New South Wales, Sydney
College of Fine Arts ; University of New South Wales ; CineMedia ; Victoria The place to be ; University of Western Sydney Nepean ; City of Port Philip

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