The Democracy Machine!

Adam J. Scarborough, Alasdair Robertson – 2015/2018

Exhibition view »gameplay. the next level« 

Democracy thrives on exchanging different viewpoints and on finding a joint solution.

Ideally, a consensus is reached sometimes a compromise, and sometimes an unresolved disagreement remains. Scarborough's »The Democracy Machine!« requires players to take up a position on a topic and discuss it. It is a competition game that challenges participants to work together on a better society.

Under the Twitter hashtag #democracymachine one can post questions.

The acquisition of »The Democracy Machine!« for the ZKM collection was made possible by the LBBW Foundation and the Fördergesellschaft ZKM / HfG e.V.

Material / Technique

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LEDs,
buzzer, wood, vinyl, monitor


ZKM | Center for Art and Media


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