Many people are in Lichthof 8 and look at the artworks of the exhibition »Negativer Raum«.


Current developments in art and society are shown at the ZKM in thematic and monographic exhibitions. The magazine collects retrospectives, field reports and provides insight into exhibitions of space-based arts such as painting, photography and sculpture as well as time-based arts such media art, music and performance.

Artikel der Rubrik

When you scroll through your dashboard on Tumblr, you never know when something is art and when it’s not.
With »We Want Everything«, artist and author Nanni Balestrini created the most important literary piece relating to the left backlash in Italy in the 1970s.
Never fully modern, never fully industrialized, it seems as if in Brazil the modern project (for better or worse) was implemented partially and unevenly across the territory, each time electing one particular front to be explored.
The elliptical form stands as an example for Warburg’s dialectical thinking: Between the ancient world and the present, between ritual and culture, between mythos and rationality, his thought process moves like the ellipsis between their two focal points.
Warburg’s interdisciplinary methods, which do not strictly separate the humanities and natural sciences, anticipate by decades the demand for a new, more versatile science of images, as is expressed repeatedly today.
In time loops, the exhibition seeks points of reference, with which the great narrative of technical innovations can be reflected and continued.