A close-up of green leaves


With the »Sustainable Development Goals« adopted by the United Nations in 2015, museums and cultural institutions have been officially assigned global responsibility for sustainable development for the first time. In the magazine, the ZKM highlights the importance of culture promoting sustainability, questions the ecological side of digitalization or presents sustainability initiatives.

Artikel der Rubrik

ZKM's ecologically managed orchard meadow has served as a practical part of the »Critical Zones« thought exhibition since early 2020. Now it is also considered official cultural heritage.
The shutdown of society caused by the pandemic gave us time to pause, to reflect and rethink our coexistence and our relationship with nature and the environment. It allowed us to understand: Our living conditions on Earth are more fragile than we previously thought.
Digital technology is supposed to turn cities into greener and more beautiful »smart cities«. But under what conditions is smart technology really sustainable?
The change towards a sustainable way of life represents a central challenge of our time. The contribution of culture must not be underestimated.
Why the ZKM has leased a meadow orchard since January 2020, what exactly is meant by it and why this habitat rich in species is so threatenede in Central Europe.
Paul Thomas lecture aesthetically presents the invisible world of molecules and provides an expanded view of the present.