Digital artistic production

Since 1989, artists from all over the world have been coming to ZKM to conceive and produce works of the visual and performative arts under ideal conditions using digital means. 

Installations, videos, net art, apps, musical compositions, choreographies or performances, to name but a few. In addition, there is the development of new »digital tools« that can be used for artistic design or live performances. Through digital art productions in public space, such as the »Schlosslichtspiele«, ZKM makes this form of contemporary art accessible to a broad public outside the museum.


Since 2015, the SCHLOSSLICHTSPIELE with their unique artistic projection mappings have illuminated the facade of Karlsruhe's baroque palace.


Seasons of Media Arts 2020
The media art festival presents digital, interactive and virtual art in public space and transforms Karlsruhe into a stage for innovative, cooperative and networked media art.


Artificial Intelligence
The project »The Intelligent Museum« is aiming at creating computer-assisted and AI-based artworks, which will be embedded in a novel AI-supported exhibition concept.


With numerous residency programs, ZKM enables artists and scientists to realize their research projects and works.