Offers for Kindergartens

Children can test in small crafts. For this they get hammers and pins provided.

The (digital) picture – Creative works with digital media

max. 12 children
During five successive visits to the ZKM we will address the topic of »the digital image« in an age-appropriate manner with preschool children. In the ZKM exhibitions we will not only discover drawn, painted or photographed images, but also many »moving« images, e.g. animations or videos. We would like to go on a discovery tour among the digital and »real« things which surround us. We will experience our environment together in a haptic and media sense. We will implement our own ideas and images resulting from our on creative energy in the form of animated films, photographs, sound pieces, drawings and performances. At the same time, the preschool children will learn in a playful manner how to handle technical equipment carefully and in an artistic manner.

The highlight of this course is a small vernissage in which the created results will be presented and to which the families of the children are cordially invited.

Mediachild-Workshop or Workshop with picture interpretation

In these shorter formats we artistically and creatively explore the media communication techniques our pre-school children encounter.

Price Overview Workshops

Workshop with picture interpretation max. 12 children, Mediachild-Workshop max. 8 children




Workshop with picture interpretation (single appointment)

1.5 hours

47 €

Mediachild-Workshop (double appointment)

We want to explore the mediated communication technologies, which our children will encounter during their preschool age, through artistic and creative ways.

2 x 1.5 hours

94 €

Course (5 appointments + vernissage)

5 x 1.5 hours + vernissage for the parents 

200 €