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The collection and the archives contain works and documents from the 20th and 21st centuries. The special feature of the ZKM's collection activities is its focus on the electronic arts.

Discover artists and works:

The collection and the archives contain works and documents from the 20th and 21st centuries. The special feature of the ZKM's collection activities is its focus on the electronic arts. 

The video art collection is one of the largest in Europe and the computer art collection is the largest of its kind in the world. In addition, there is an extensive collection of works of electronic music.

By combining all artistic genres in one collection - from painting, sculpture, video art, performance and computer-based works to music - and the availability of numerous documents that provide a deeper insight into historical events, it becomes possible to gain a diverse perspective on 20th and 21st century art and history.

Art of the 20th and 21st century

Discover about 9,000 works of art of the 20th and 21st centuries from the ZKM collection, which was founded in 1989.


Under archives you will find the acquired archives of artists and scientists and the ZKM archive of past exhibitions, events and projects.


The library contains about 60,000 books and digital data carriers. To this end, around 120 magazines and five newspapers are subscribed to.

Medien Kunst Netz

»Media Art Net« is a digital publication that invites you to discover the history of media art. »Media Art Net« is used worldwide by students and teachers for study and further education.

The Super Heroine Wonder Woman looks at herself for the first time in the mirror after her transformation.


A Summary of the Projects of the Department Wissen and its Divisions Collection, Archives, Library and Research


Werk - Wipe Cycle
A summary of the digital programs of the Department Wissen and its Collection, Archives, Library, and Research sections.


On Kawara
Anna Jehle und Juliane Schickedanz
István Czglán
Torbjörn Iwan Luudquist
Ross Chisholm
Black Dice
Napoleon Murphy Brock
typosophes sans frontières
Marlen Ernst
Sinnhoffer Quartet
Reinhard Allenberg
Miao Xiaochun
Daniel Canogar
Ivana Tomljenovic
Michael Beutler
Johannes Vennekamp
Studio Azzurro
Valerie Tryon
Mirella Bentivoglio
Ingeborg Freudenberg
John Klima
Pierre Favre
Daan Vandewalle
Jan Wenzel
Omer Fast
Mick Baumeister
Mirco Fraß
Familie Christian Rhiel
Carlos Lopez Charles
Judy Chicago
Terry Wilson
Georges von Gucht
Studio Plo
Edith Morales
Artificial Nature
Ewald Mataré
Soodabeh Milanlouei
Gerardo Nolasco Magaña
Julia Leser & Clarissa Seidel
Nabila Irshaid
Ervin Pátkai
Tobias Rehberger
Philippe Royer
Pierre Mercure
Christian Zehnder
Jean-Marie Boyer
Wibu-Systems AG
Dave James
Kees Boeke
Dj Akaak
Manfred Lahnstein
Gustav-Adolf Schroeder
Nicolas Buzzi
Magnus Striet
Josef Stockhölzer von Hirschfeld
Alan Silvestri
Eddie Trioa
Christopher Wickenden
Einar Thorsteinn
Adib Fricke
Hans Köhler
Julian Oliver
Milan Dobeš
Drew O'Dette
Sasha Waltz
Schorsch Kamerun
Dennis DeSantis
Michael Resch
Max Max Collie’s Rhythm Aces
Hannah Rau
Gibb Smith
Heimrad Prem
Josephine Hofmann
Sarah Shelton
Dan S. Wang
Pedro Cabrita Reis
Shrikrishnan Sankaran
Erdal Buldun
Andy Middleton
Jo Scherpenisse
F. Turijew
Fuminori Tanada
René Aubry
Disinformation Disinformation
Orchestre Nationale de France
Camilla Hoitenga
Yukie Kamiya
Rei Nakamura
Petra Unnützer
Dara Birnbaum
Louis Salou
Robert Normandeau
Vera Simons
Thomas Piel
Gabriel Borba
Manuela Wiesler
John Oliver
Vanessa Diemand
Mamoru Oshii
Eva Böcker
Quirijn Dees
Dorothy Dorow
Room Room
Narciso Debourg
Kazue Ikeda
Carl Orff
Harry-Ed Roland
Stephan Iglhaut
Hermann Theißen
Horst Niesyto
Karola Obermueller
Eleazar Arrollo
Yannis Hadjinicolaou
Petra Höppner
Ekaterina Jussupow
Giuseppe Maria Crespi
Kurt Weidemann
Johannes Reichmayr
Ken Gregory
Kunstraum Wien
M. Constant
Jorge Luis Borges
Ekkehard Ehlers
Lothar Hempel
Carsten Henning
Daniel Poensgen
Emmanuel Grimaud
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
Jim Burton
Chris Frantz
Don Butterfield
Rundfunkorchester Hannover
Ulrike Sonntag
Blythe Newman
Herman Van San
The Yes Men
B. Love
Orchestra Sinfonica Di Milano Giuseppe Verdi
Carlo Rizzo
Celso Machado
Mai-Thu Perret
Alois Hába
New Usedn
Stephen Prina
Jan Hendriks
Office for Political Innovation
Manuel de Landa

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