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Digitalization is fundamentally changing societies. The aim of the »digilog@bw« project is to identify and analyse the influence of digitization on individuals and the resulting social changes in order to lay the foundations for developing digital change for the benefit of the human being.

In its projects, the interdisciplinary research network focuses on three central themes of digitization: autonomy, knowledge and participation. These core issues of digitization are the focal points of a socially and democratically compatible technology development.

»digilog@bw« will provide politics and society with a scientifically sound basis for making such decisions. This development task requires orientation towards critically reflected values, norms and framework conditions. The joint projects »Autonomy«, »Knowledge« and »Participation« will be carried out on an interdisciplinary basis and will be focused on the question of criteria for a promising and responsible development of the digital society. To this end, the research network brings together Baden-Württemberg expertise from university and non-university research in the humanities, social sciences, law, economics, media and communication sciences, ethics, computer science and interdisciplinary technology assessment at the highest scientific level.

The ZKM enables a lively exchange with the public through exhibitions, discussion events and lecture series. Thus »digilog@bw« will not only contribute to scientific research, but also to public discussion.

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Book a workshop for school classes on a date of your choice.

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