Talking about cancer online?
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A coping strategy for those affected.
Thu, March 31, 2022 6 pm – 7 pm CEST, Talk
Language: German

Anika Lieblang explains how patients develop coping strategies in the digital space and what potentials can result from media-mediated communication for the interaction between experts such as doctors or nurses and sufferers.

In our project »Krebs@Internet« we investigate how cancer patients use digital media to cope with the psychosocial stress of their disease. We are interested in the speech acts of the patients – we analyze a study corpus regarding cancer narratives of affected persons unsing internet videos with the help of different transcription methods and pay particular attention to identity constitution, addressing and self-positioning, rhetorical figures as well as content-related topoi.

The event is part of the "Digiloglounge Digital" series of talks on the topic of »Krebs@Internet«.

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Anika Lieblang studied media and communication sciences as well as German language and literature (University of Mannheim) in her Bachelor's degree. She completed a Master's degree in Language and Communication (University of Mannheim). Her final thesis was on »Empathy in written information on cancer for laypersons – a corpus-based anlysis of oncological advisory and educational texts«. Since November 2021, she has been a research associate at the Leibnitz Institute for the German Language in Mannheim (IDS).


Sabina Zweil is a research associate in the Knowledge Department at ZKM | Karlsruhe. Her focus is on the research field of artificial intelligence. She is currently working on the research project »Digitalization in Dialogue – digilog@bw«.

The event is part of the project »digilog@bw – Digitalisierung im Dialog«.

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