Wikipedia: Who writes his_tory?
You can see a writing person taking part in a video conversation.
A feminist look at collective intelligence
Wed, May 04, 2022 7 pm – 9 pm CEST, Workshop
Fully booked
Language: German

Age 16 and up
Only with registration – limited number of participants!

Wikipedia is a collective intelligence and claims to represent the knowledge of all. In the workshop we will show contexts and spaces that make intersectional, feminist writing possible and show where the limits of it lie. Together, texts will be rewritten and a conscious approach to media, formulations and complicity will be created.

The artists Daniela Brugger and Chris Regn from »Who writes his_tory?« will show linguistic and medial possibilities within the German Wikipedia by means of concrete text examples. Together, articles will be actively changed. The workshop takes place online and is suitable for people with little or no previous knowledge of Wikipedia. It provides an insight into the structures of Wikipedia and offers first editing insights based on practical examples.

The workshop is part of the research project »digilog@bw«. Based on current topics around the digital transformation, we develop ideas for co-design and invite you to think and discuss together through events, talks and workshops.

Digital requirements: Stable internet connection, video conferencing capability (camera and microphone). 

About the Artists:

»Who writes his_tory?« is an artistic-collaborative Wikipedia writing group, the collective was founded in 2016 and has so far implemented the most diverse formats, in collaboration with festivals, art spaces, museums and cultural institutions, in the form of writing workshops, readings and discussions, conferences around art and feminism. »Who writes his_tory?« are part of the international community of »Art+Feminism«, initiators and co-founders of »FemNetz«, a German-language feminist Wikipedia network and part of the Elfriede-Höhn Fellowship »Moving Knowledge!« at the University of Mannheim.


You can call us:
Tuesday 1 pm–6 pm,
Thursday 9 am–1 pm

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

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