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Between self-determination and excessive demands
Wed, April 27, 2022 6 pm – 6.30 pm CEST, Talk
Language: German

Between self-determination and excessive demands: Opportunities and risks of the permanent use of mobile media for well-being.

Smartphones are demonized in the media, but also by some researchers. It is assumed, for example, that mobile media are mainly responsible for harming our mental health and destroying entire generations. What is the truth behind these pessimistic statements about technology? And what are the positive aspects of smartphone use? How can we cultivate a self-determined approach to smartphones that enables us to get the most out of these electronic devices that are constantly with us, while at the same time limiting their risks?

We would like to point out that this event will not take place on Thursdays as usual, but exceptionally on a Wednesday.

The event is part of the research project »digilog@bw – Digitalization in Dialog« and will be streamed live on Instagram. The upcoming conversation will revolve around the thematic block »Digital media use in the area of tension between self-determination and excessive demands and its consequences for well-being«. We invite you to ask questions in the Instagram chat and join the discussion!

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Dr. Frank M. Schneider is an academic staff member at the University of Mannheim, at the Institute for Media and Communication Studies. He studied psychology, communication psychology and media education at the Universities of Konstanz and Koblenz-Landau. In 2012, he completed his doctorate at the Landau Institute for Communication Psychology and Media Education on the topic of subjective feature film evaluation criteria. His focus includes topics of media use and coping. He is also concerned with the connections between entertainment experience, information processing of political content and its potentials for learning and behavioral change. Dr. Frank M. Schneider researches the effects of social exclusion in the digital space, and investigates consequences of permanent connectedness with others via social media and its effects on the well-being of users. He also devotes himself to methodological developments in the validation of measurement instruments and methods. 


Sabina Zweil is a research associate in the Knowledge Department at ZKM | Karlsruhe. Her focus is on the research field of artificial intelligence. She is currently working on the research project »Digitalization in Dialogue – digilog@bw«.

Participants wanted for study on messenger usage!

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