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Digital Citizen Science
Thu, January 28, 2021 5 pm – 6 pm CET

As part of the #digiloglounge discussion series, Sabine Faller explores the promising research method of Digital Citizen Science together with Anke Greif-Winzrieth and Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche from KIT.

Once a month, experts from the digilog@bw research network give an insight into their digital and current science projects. Our guests on January 28 are: Anke Greif-Winzrieth and Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche from KIT.

Digital Citizen Science is a promising research method for social and economic research, and it needs to be further developed and established. Work is currently underway to set up a citizens panel that will make it possible to actively participate in science – not »just« by taking part in studies, but also by allowing citizens to submit their own research questions, formulate hypotheses and discuss them on a digital participation platform.

The aim of the digilog@bw project is to shape digitization in dialog with society in order to lay the foundations for a value-oriented digital transformation. But especially in times of the pandemic and social distancing, it is a particular challenge to reach citizens and enable this dialog. We need to find new ways to engage in a fruitful exchange between science and society – under the current pandemic-related restrictions and beyond.

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Mädche heads the Information Systems & Service Design research group at the Institute of Information Systems and Marketing (IISM) at KIT. His research is located at the interface of business informatics and human-computer interaction and focuses on the design of interactive intelligent systems for business and society.

Anke Greif-Winzrieth is doing her PhD at IISM and heads the Karlsruhe Decision & Design Lab (KD²Lab). Her research at the interface between business informatics and behavioral economics focuses on the effects of immersive experiences (e.g., in virtual reality) on economic decisions, as well as on various methodological and practical issues in the field of Digital Citizen Science.

Sabine Faller is a research assistant in the department of museum communication at ZKM | Karlsruhe. Her focus is on the conception and implementation of workshops, projects and educational programs in the fields of media art, digital education and online learning – currently for the research project »Digitalization in Dialog – digilog@bw«.

The event is part of the project »digilog@bw – Digitalisierung im Dialog«.

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