Z_KinoMittwoch. Michael Snow: Corpus Callosum
Wed, January 22, 2003 8.30 pm CET, Film Screening

»*Corpus Callosum«
by  Michael Snow, USA 2002, 93 min

First the camera, then we, the audience, observe persons in obviously staged situations. What we see and what they see is determined by our and their different convictions. Despite the lack of a story line, the film apparently has a hero and a heroine. From scene to scene they appear as different people each time but with identical costumes or else they have been electronically altered. The film is a tableau of transformation, a tragic-comedy of film variables. The sound is also a continuous metamorphosis and like the film, it is a »nervous system«. A decisively artificial film, it aims to be perceived as a pictorial and musical phenomenon.

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