Darij Kreuh and Davide Grassi: Brainscore
Sat, February 22, 2003 – Sun, February 23, 2003, Performance

The Brainscore project by media artists Darij Kreuh and Davide Grassi deals with the research of communication patterns and the interface enabling the human body and the global information space to connect. It is a performance for two operators, in which incorporeal communication is used as the starting point for creating a controlled communication system. The system is based on the use of brain waves and eye movement for performing basic commands while defining a new digital discourse in virtual space without using the traditional and generally established ways of communication (thus, socially recognized and conventional communication codes are abandoned – speech, body gestures etc.).

The operators, positioned parallel to each other so that they do not face each other, establish a communication testing ground, within which they are trying to create a dialogue with the help of 3D objects. Each operator is represented, in the space of virtual reality, by a matching avatar that embodies primitive behavioral characteristics and form, at least in the initial phase.
The operators’ task is to »educate« their corresponding representation in virtual space by performing a series of operations and commands, which are set up in direct relationship to the global net dynamics [macro] and the user’s neuronic net (micro).

Visual immersion of the viewer will be enabled with the help of polarization glasses. They will be able to experience the perception of computer-generated events as the presence of reality in the spirit of the perception of the third dimension.

Accompanying program