Future Cinema: The Last Weekend
Sat, March 29, 2003 – Sun, March 30, 2003, Performance

Perry Hoberman : »Let's Make a Monster«
Live projection performance

»Let's Make a Monster« is partly cinematographic archaeology, a collage of parables, ironic stories and »fan cut«. In his performance, Hoberman uses excerpts from countless sci-fi classics that deal with the creation of artificial life. Like an electronic alchemist, mad scientist, or Wizard of Oz he conducts these images in front of a collection of cameras, laptops and other instruments. Hoberman’s story contrasts the mad fantasies of a Dr. Frankenstein with the prophecies of the countless contemporary experts on artificial life and intelligence, and demonstrates in an ironic manner that there are indeed parallels. »Frankenstein« meets »Brave New World«, »Golem« meets »Bladerunner«, »Coma« meets »The Invisible Man«.

Julien Maire: »Demi-Pas«
Projection performance

»Demi-Pas« is a short film and is projected using a 'reversed camera' technique. A projector has been converted to house micro-mechanisms that produce animated images using a principle similar to that of cinematography. »Demi-Pas« thus finds its own narrative methods, its own action and images, like a kind of projected theater. Real objects and photographic material are transposed within the projector. Based on this experimental form of projection, the film narrates a tale that has an extremely simple storyline: one man's daily routine. »Demi-Pas« is a short film that constructs an everyday reality, thus highlighting simultaneously both the simplicity and the complexity of this reality.

Accompanying program