Z_KinoMittwoch. Lynn Hershman Leeson: TEKNOLUST
Wed, February 19, 2003 8.30 pm CET, Film Screening

by Lynn Hershman Leeson, USA 2001, 85 min

Unnoticed by her colleagues, the industrious bio-geneticist Dr. Rosetta Stone has managed to clone three versions of herself. Ruby, the bravest of the triplets, seduces men at night in order to collect semen which in turn serves as a vital shot for the other two. A side effect, is however, an itchy bar code which appears on the forehead of the men. . .The artist Lynn Hershman Leeson wrote, produced and directed this Cyber Punk Film. The result is a colorful, intelligent, witty and romantic work, which, thanks to the star Tilda Swinton—in four roles at the same time - is not lacking in light-heartedness.

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