Artificial Light on Literature
Readings in the Exhibition: Art of Light. Artificial Light
Sun, February 19, 2006 4 pm CET, Reading

A popular saying goes: “Where there is light, there is shadow.” In terms of physics and science this would imply that brightness and warmth could not exist without the so-called “Black Hole”, the definition of anti-light. However, on observing this philosophically, we might say that this is nothing more than the balancing forces of Yin and Yang. Light, and everything that has to do with warmth, has also found its “downfall” in literature; the topics range from scientific definitions on near-death experiences to enlightenment. The Karlsruhe actor and publiciser, Harald Schwiers, has chosen a wide range of texts on light, ranging from the sensual to the comical, offering an enjoyable reading afternoon, presented in the unusual setting of our exhibition.

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