Collectors’ Choice I + II (Opening)
Fri, July 31, 2009 7 pm CEST, Opening
Collectors' Choice I emerged in the context of the exhibition "Vertrautes Terrain. Contemporary Art in and about Germany", which was shown last year at the ZKM | Museum of Contemporary Art. The works that are to be exhibited in Collectors' Choice I are drawn from the Boros, Grässlin Landesbank Baden-Württemberg collections and were selected in close collaboration with these. The focus of the selection centered both on art produced in Germany as well as on works specifically dedicated to German themes and events past and present. Extending back to the beginning of the 1980s, Collectors' Choice I thus presents not only insights into individual forms of collecting history and politics but also into German art history. In this way, the newly presented exhibition facilitates a reencounter with established positions such as the meanwhile internationally famous Becher-School, with Stephan Balkenhol, Rosemarie Trockel or Andreas Slominski, or the fiercely and provocative works by such artists as Werner Büttner, Georg Herold and Franz West. Among the works from a total of 40 artists, and alongside "classics" spanning the last thirty years there are also more recent positions by Jonathan Meese, Tobias Rehberger, Daniel Richter and Thomas Zipp, for example.

Curated by Gregor Jansen together with Christian Boros, Lutz Casper, Bärbel, Karola and Thomas Grässlin.
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