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Ammer & Console: Have You Ever Heard Of Wilhelm Reich?
Sat, September 26, 2009 10 pm CEST, Concert


Sat, September 26, 2009

10 p.m. ZKM_Media Theater
Ammer & Console
"Have You Ever Heard Of Wilhelm Reich?"
Performance / Concert
Wilhelm Reich believed that he had solved all of humanity’s problems: Regardless of whether in his role as an ingenious Austrian psychiatrist (“The Sexual Revolution”), later as a clear sighted analyst of the global crisis (“The Mass Psychology of Fascism”), then as communist and sexual politician (“Sexpol”) or in the end – after his cryptic discovery of orgone energy – as cancer healer and rainmaker in the American desert (“The ORANUR-Experiment”). In memory of the universal genius, Andreas Ammer & Console have created tracks that work like a musical of the Weltgeist or an acoustic orgone accumulator.
Organization / Institution
Bayerischen Rundfunk / Hörspiel und Medienkunst ; ZKM | Karlsruhe ; VMK – Vertiefung mediale Künste / Zürcher Hochschule der Künste / Department Kunst und Medien