3D-MEKKA Karlsruhe. The Future of Photography, Film, Television and Sound
Sat, October 10, 2009 6 pm CEST, Performance
Everyone is talking about 3D nowadays. ZKM has already been involved with 3D applications in virtual and real spaces, on monitors, large screens, or invisibly as sound experiences since its founding in 1989. We will show you examples of 3D technologies that have been developed at ZKM and in Karlsruhe, and what is possible in the areas of photography, film, television, and sound.


6 p.m. Guided tours of the 3D works
at ZKM | Media Museum

7 p.m. 3D-Klangdom presentation
at the ZKM_Cube

7.30 p.m. 3D installation by Nikolai Vialkowitsch
at the ZKM_Media Theater

8 p.m. 3D installations
on Deep3DFly monitors by KARY Multimedia in the ZKM_Foyer

an audiovisual work by Ludger Brümmer, rosalie, and Peter Weibel in the ZKM_Foyer

In the context of a tour through the exhibition IMAGING MEDIA@ZKM, we will present artworks that work with 3D technologies. Submerge in interactive 3D surroundings — from early computer installations to a ride on the Karlsruhe Tramway.

The Klangdom at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics is a unique instrument, found nowhere else in the world, for the spatialization of music and sound. Forty-three loudspeakers enable a surround sound that far surpasses that of Dolby Surround.

Nikolai Vialkowitsch uses historical stereo photographs supplemented by sound documents and film recordings for his three-dimensional images in the video installation “Ein Bollwerk des Friedens.”

Felix Groß shows how 3D depictions are created from 2D photographs, based on the example of historical and new stereo photographs.

KARY 3D-Technology lets images float in space without the need for eyeglasses or other aids—a decisive advance towards 3D television. Shown will be “Multicultural society (1draft),” a 3D installation by Gülsel Özkan and Ludger Pfanz (HfG) on a 63 inch KARY Deep3DFly system and 3D media art by Prof. Peter Weibel, produced by KARY Multimedia AG.

“CELLULARIUM”: this audiovisual work for the Klangdom designed on the basis of an idea by Peter Weibel, light with movement and color courses on the super-size glass screen by rosalie together with the sound and spatial design of Ludger Brümmer’s music, can be experienced exclusively on the evening of 9 October, and on Saturday 10 October in the foyer of the ZKM.
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