access_un_limited: Visions of a Digital Archive Culture
Fri, October 09, 2009 10 am CEST, Symposium
The symposium “access_un_limited – Visions of a Digital Archive Culture” will discuss contemporary concepts and questions that have come up in conjunction with the archiving and presentation project “,” which is supported jointly by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the German States Cultural Foundation. The ubiquitous spread of information and media via the Internet is faced with legal and ideological barriers. The symposium will primarily pursue the question of the extent to which producing, archiving, and evaluating institutions can deal with this contradiction without having to give up their vision of a fair treatment of valuable cultural assets.


10–10.45 a.m.
“On an opening of art – on the way to a public archive”
Prof. Ludger Brümmer Director ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, project director “”

10.45–11.30 a.m.
“The European Digital Library – ‘Europeana’ and the development of a ›German Digital Library‹ (DDB). Status and perspectives”
Dr. Gerald Maier Representative of ‘Europeana,’ Federal Commissioner for Digitization and Online Access of Cultural Materials

11.30 a.m.–12.15 p.m.
“Preserving the complexity of music”
Prof. Daniel Teruggi Director, Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, Paris

1.30–2.15 p.m.
“Legal Aspects of Archiving Digitized”
Prof. Dr. Rupert Vogel Lawyer specializing in IT law

2.15–3 p.m.
“Net concepts of the Future: Creative Commons”
Jürgen Keiper Deutsche Kinemathek

3–4 p.m.
Round Table. Moderation: Prof. Ludger Brümmer
Organization / Institution