Sound Dome Concert
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The Moon Tapes | Meine Stadt, meine Klänge | Deconstructing Double District | Spiral Organ of Corti
Sat, November 08, 2014 6 pm CET, Concert

Stephan Krass (text) and Ulrike Haage (composition): The Moon Tapes

Radio Play for twenty-four-voice choir, two speakers, one spoken-word artist, Grand Piano and Tape Player

As a combination of radio play and modern choir piece »The Moon Tapes« follows the sound and word play of a textual basis: Two Koala bears circumnavigate the world in a spaceship. They listen, antennae erect, to the songs of the laconicist, the semanticist and the antipode, who – each supported by their choirs – intone the song of praise for the space capsule’s arrival. The Koala bears have been researching the song of the stars for a long time, and sent off the recorded »Moon Tapes« towards Earth. A moment of absolute silence ensues when the capsule lands. The laconicist, the semanticist and the antipode celebrate the arrival of the poem in a grand finale...
Prouction: SWR 2014

ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics: My City, my Sounds

Interactive Radio Play 

»My City, My Sounds « is an App developed at the ZKM | Institute of Music and Acoustics, which is used for interactive sound walks through Karlsruhe: A virtual sound map filled with content by uploading sounds, commentaries and user evaluations. A sound installation is scheduled for presentation in this year’s ARD Radio Play Conference, which facilitates the interaction with the material based on collected sounds and the attached tags, thereby making it possible to experience the city from new and unusual perspectives.

Ludger Brümmer & Volker Kuchelmeister: Deconstructing Double District

For Sound Dome and Video

A dance scene is visualized in stereo-3D, and combined with spatial sounds. The result is an infinitely transforming three-dimensional, abstract form, which is generated in real-time and varied through user input.

Marc Richter: Spiral Organ of Corti

Elektroakustische Mehrkanalkomposition

What is normal hearing, and how does a disturbed perception express itself? How does one listen with closed ears? Originally based on a pure musical idea, Marc Richter from Hamburg – otherwise known and active under the name »Black To Comm« – investigates his own tinnitus, and hearing as such, and thus created the first electroacoustic multi-channel installation at the ZKM | Institute of Music and Acoustics. Sine tones, alienated human voices, breathing noises and electronically processed recordings of acoustic instruments form a labyrinthine puzzle game: various sound sources transform themselves through so-called folding (convolution) into novel sounds, which are neither natural nor artificial. Human noises merge with wind players and string samples, sine tones morph into metal sounds. Acoustic illusions confuse the listeners, and dense noise-clouds slowly emerge from the deceptive silence. Deep base sounds define the space. Single tones are temporarily focused while, at other moments, large-scale panoramas are presented.

Accompanying program