raster-noton 20th Anniversary
People stand and sit between illuminated speaker towers
ZKM presents 4DSOUND
Fri, March 11, 2016 9 pm CET, Concert
The ZKM is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the artistic platform raster-noton with live performances by Kangding Ray, Kyoka and Frank Bretschneider in 4DSOUND.

As part of a cooperation between the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics and the 4DSOUND collective, which is staying in Karlsruhe with its sound system that consists of 16 loudspeakers, the label's three artists are presenting new material. In addition to the live performances, the audio-visual installation »raster-noton.white circle« will also be celebrating its world premiere on the occasion of the anniversary of the label at the ZKM_Cube.

The installation was designed exclusively for the ZKM_Sound Dome and will be presented at different locations all over the world.
raster-noton [Website]
Project team

Ludger Brümmer (Leitung Institut für Musik und Akustik), Poul Holleman (Softwareentwicklung 4DSOUND), Gratia Napier (Logistics + Production 4DSOUND), Paul Oomen (Artistic + Sound Production 4DSOUND), Sebastian Schäfer (Technischer Leiter HfG), Luc van Weelden (Softwareentwicklung 4DSOUND), Luise Wiesenmüller (Produktionsleitung ZKM), Alexander Knoppik (Licht, Veranstaltungstechnik HfG), Anton Kossjanenko (Aufnahme), Götz Dipper (Musikinformatik)

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe, Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Cooperation partner