GLOBALE: Next Society – Facing Gaia. Panels & Round table
Stones and buckets on a white podium
Sat, April 16, 2016 11 am CEST, Symposium
The epilog of the GLOBALE is the »Next Society – Facing Gaia« symposium, which will examine the current state of the Earth and the related question of how the world’s population will live and want to live in the future.

This symposium will accompany the exhibition »Reset Modernity!«. It will deal with the procedures undertaken to recalibrate a set of measuring instruments which have become incapable of capturing the signals that they are supposed to register. Except that the concern here is far more complex than recalibrating a simple tool – its intention is to reset the notion of Modernity!

The symposium language is English.


Based on the Friday's exchange sessions the two panels and the round table discussion explore the topics related to the exhibition »Reset Modernity!« through short presentations of speakers of different disciplines. The panels and discussions can be followed via live-stream until 3:30 pm.
11 am–12:30 pm Which Aesthetic for the Gaïa Hypothesis?
Keynote: Bruno Latour
​Participants: Graham Harman (philosopher), Hélène Guenin (curator), Francesca von Habsburg (collector, founder and chairwoman of Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary)
2–3:30 pm Reset vs. Revolution
How could we escape from the modernist metaphors of new beginnings?
Keynote: Peter Weibel
​Participants: Frédérique Aït-Touati (stage director and historian), Franco Farinelli (geographer), Yana Milev (artist, philosopher and curator)
3:30–4 pm Coffee break
4–5:30 pm Discussion in the exhibition »Reset Modernity!«
​Moderation: Bruno Latour
Participants: Frédérique Aït-Touati, Franco Farinelli, Hélène Guenin, Francesca von Habsburg, Graham Harman, Yuko Hasegawa, Yana Milev, Peter Weibel
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Karlsruhe

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