Next Society – Facing Gaia. Exchange Sessions
Stones and buckets on a white podium
Fri, April 15, 2016 11 am CEST, Symposium
The format of this session questions the notion of a »public« in the exhibition space. Rather than a formal conference in an auditorium, visitors will be invited to come to the show and experiment with the various sections of the exhibition. According to John Dewey, the public in this case is not considered as a preexisting entity. The notion of a »public« implies a community emerging from inquirers, interacting with a specific issue and, in return, giving it a more public character.
During this session, there will be six different point of exchange. People will be able to listen, participate, and aggregate freely around them.
This experiment will gather together several invited artists and scholars and will be facilitated by the SPEAP (School of Political Arts) collective, who will be in charge of inventing formats of exchange, facilitating dialogues, raising questions, moderating debates, and setting up the internal structure of the exchange session.


11 am–1 pm & 2–4:30 pm Exchange Sessions
  Meeting Point 2 Without the World or Within
How to revisit the typically modern division between subject and object? And instead develop an account in which the position of the »observer« and the »thing observed« are both immersed in the flow of experience?
  Meeting Point 3 What Happens to the Sublime?
If we move to a new climate regime, is it still possible to feel the sublime?
  Meeting Point 4 The Return of Limits and Borders?
How could the Moderns absorb the discovery of limits without falling back on the notion of borders and identities?
  Meeting Point 5 Secular at Last
The common idea of modernity is that religion has become private, and that politics is in the public space, forming a specific political theology. In the current context, how could we redefine the notion of the secular?
  Meeting Point 6 How to shift our perception of technology from object to project?
Technology without »Hype«