What We Cannot Speak About—perspectives from between-categories
Portrait of Takuro Shibayama
Lecture and portrait concert by Takuro Shibayama
Thu, 28.06.2018, 7 pm CEST

From April 2017–March 2018, Takuro Shibayama worked as a guest artist at ZKM. He developed a generative composition system based on knowledge and models of cognitive science. On Thursday, June 28, 2018, he gives a lecture which is followed by a concert, giving insight into his artistic and scientific work.  

With the generative composition system he developed a new work, which moves at the borderline between electroacoustic music, spatial sound and sound art. The theoretical approaches presented in his lecture can also be listened to in the following concert. The event leads through various creative periods of the composer: it begins in the 1990s and concludes with Shibayama's latest work »Imaginary Sphere«.

7 pm Lecture (Cube, admission free) 
8 pm Concert (Cube, admission 10/7 €)

Portrait: Takuro Shibayama:
What We Cannot Speak About—perspectives from between-categories«


  • »Temporal Patterns IV« for piano (1994)
  • »In the Blue Sky rev.2«, Fixed Media (2006)
  • »Residual Recollection 3«, Fixed Media (2013) 
  • »Imaginary Universe«, Fixed Media (2014–2015, Cube-Version 2018) 
  • »Imaginary Sphere«, Fixed Media (2017-2018*) 
From June 30 to July 1, 2018, Shibayama's sound installation »Imaginary Sphere« can also be experienced in the cube.
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