Particulate matter sensor workshop
The picture shows a fine dust sensor
Sun, September 02, 2018 11 am – 1 pm CEST

Particulate matter and open data? The OK Lab Karlsruhe organizes a workshop in the exhibition »Open Codes«, where the participants build a DIY particulate matter sensor and follow the fine dust measurements in Karlsruhe. 

There is only one fixed measuring point in Karlsruhe. We believe: This works better! That is why we distribute our sensors to balconies, rain gutters and garden houses all over the city. Together we find out where the particulate matter pollution concentrates in Karlsruhe and how it develops in your neighborhood over time.

The sensor was developed in Stuttgart and the database is also operated there. With > 3000 sensors, the project is now one of the largest sensor networks operated by voluntary »Citizen Scientists«. To become one of the volunteers, you only need to get the components, follow the building instructions and inform the project of the location (and a contact option), then the measured values are displayed on the world map and are available as open data.

No programming or electronic skills are required – just a little tact.


You can telephone us Monday to Tuesday, 01 pm – 06 pm as well as Wednesday to Friday , 09 am – 01 pm.

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ZKM | Center for Art and Media

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