CHORDEOGRAPH Augmented Reality
The artist Gero Koenig next to his installation »Chordeograph Augmented Reality«, instrument with graphic scores as interactive video installation
Fri, October 19, 2018 6 pm CEST

As part of a lecture and concert, Gero Koenig presents the result of his sound research. Strings stretched on a large sounding board is an ancient sound concept. »Chordeograph« extends this concept, integrating interactive graphic scores and computer-aided realtime string activation and vibration.

Koenig's graphic scores are interfaces of communication where one or more participants can experience and navigate the instrument's vast resonant space. Koenig developed the demo version of »Chordeograph AR« 2018 at ZKM's Hertz Lab supported by ARTOXIN.

In his second performance, Koenig presents a review of previous developments in his sound research and the Chordeograph instrument series. Using methods of sound generation that allow continuous modulations from broadband noise to unison, he has overcome the construction of the piano and its static tonal system.

Project team

Concept, design, and programming: Gero Koenig
Instrument making: Bernd Bittmann, Peter Kelemen, Ulrich Dernbach, Bernd Wendt
Technical consulting: Gottfried Düren

Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media