PIPS:lab (feat. ZASD)
A painted canvas gets an additional layer via Virtual Reality
Sun, January 06, 2019 11 am – 6 pm CET

Visitors of the Open Day are invited to the OPEN ATELIER of the PIPS:lab collective. With a 3D virtual reality tool, the »Potator«, the collective produces »hybrid sculptures« and lends real objects and spaces an additional virtual level.

The »Potator« is an invention of the artist Keez Duyves of the Dutch collective PIPS:lab. With the »Potator« reality can be »peeled«. Surfaces are peeled like potatoes or scanned by hand. It is based on a motion capturing system and augmented reality. 

In connection to the project »HALFHALF« which was developed together with the artist Thomas Bratzke aka ZASD the »Potator« is used to extend paintings through virtual, threedimensional paint into the room. Paintings are extended from the traditional twodimensional surface into space. The creation of extended paintings  – or »HALFHALF paintings« will be part of a performance and can be perceived in realtime with the help of a video projection and Augmented Reality (AR). Visitors are invited to participate in the creation of HALFHALF paintings or as well to be a spectator of this process. 

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ZKM | Center for Art and Media