Hall building with an illuminated sculpture at night
Adventure Museum
Sat, August 03, 2019 – Sun, August 04, 2019, Festival

On August 3, 2019, Karlsruhe's museums, libraries and archives will open their doors to the 21st KAMUNA, the Karlsruhe Museum Night.

Exciting adventures await visitors at the ZKM: The fog sculpture »CLOUD WALK @ZKM« veils every half an hour the ZKM forecourt with dense fog. It is part of the exhibition »Negative Space«, which presents a new history of sculpture and installation in the 20th/21st century. At the »AR WALK«, visitors can use Augmented Reality to experience 30 years of ZKM at their smartphones. At the media theater, the interactive Artwork »Bubbles« invites you to capture virtual soap bubbles.
The »Adventurous Picture Search in the Book Forest« of the library or the guided tours through our exhibitions, the performative tour through »Writing the History of the Future« for example, as one of the largest collections of media art worldwide, promise to be rich in experiences. Creative designs for an individual ZKM anniversary-bag are created at the workshop »Pimp Your Bag« and during the workshop »Silver Clouds« we design balloons in the style of Andy Warhol.

At two »Sound Dome Concerts« at the Cube, electroacoustic music can be experienced spatially via the sound dome. More music can be found at ZKM with nine saxophonists of the group »Raum-Musik für Saxophone«. In the exhibition »Negative Space«, they combine different music dialects to a lively musical language. The innovative art project »CECIA (Collaborative Electroacoustic Composition with Intelligent Agents)« shows how composers work with machine learning algorithms. A »Listening Session« at the Cube gives an insight into works that were created at the ZKM. The thriller reading »Angst in der Fächerstadt«, which is about to solve a murder case at the ZKM, promises suspense. The »Mystery Room« invites adventurous researchers to discover the mystery of a curse in the museum. The question why the ZKM is also called Noah's Ark for Media Art will be answered by the guided tour through the laboratory for antiquated video systems.



6 pm 

MUSEUMSRALLYE for young and old (until 10 pm), Foyer

6 pm Guided tours non-stop until 11:30 pm in the ZKM exhibitions and »Behind the Scenes«*
6 pm 

INFOPOINT Information and more
Foyer (until 1 am)

6 pm CLOUD WALK @ZKM. NEGATIVE SCULPTURE Interactive Sculptur (8 Min., every half an hour until 1 am)
6 pm AR WALK Discover 30 years of ZKM with Augmented Reality on your smatphone (until 1 am)
Infopoint, Foyer
6 pm BUBBLES Interactive work
Media theater (until 1 am)
Postcard campaign for young and old (until 10 pm)
Library, Atrium 7, 1st floor
(until 10:30 pm) forecourt (lecture hall, access from outside)
6 pm PIMP YOUR BAG Design your individual ZKM anniversary bag! Workshop (until 11 pm)
BÄM, atrium 9, 1st floor
6 pm MYSTERY ROOM – CURSE ON THE MUSEUM Registration on site (approx. 20 min.)
max_room, atrium 1, 2nd floor
6:40 pm KLANGDOMKONZERT I, MARTIN SCHÜTTLER: PINK FANTASY ISLAND (2000), sound direction: Götz Dipper,
Cube, Atrium 7, 1st floor (20 min.)
7 pm 

Guided tour through the HERTZ-LABOR (45 min.) *
+ 8 pm + 9 pm + 10 pm

7:10 pm KLANGDOMKONZERT II, GILLES GOBEIL: LE MIROIR TRISTE (2007 / Klangdom-Version ca. 2012)
Cube, 1st floor (20 Min.)
7:15 pm Guided tour of the Antiquated Video Systems Laboratory (45 min.) * + 8:15 pm + 9:15 pm
7 pm ANGST IN DER FÄCHERSTADT Crime story reading with Helen Kampen,
Media library, 1st floor (60 min.)
7:30 pm RAUM-MUSIK FÜR SAXOPHONE in the exhibition »Negative Space«
Atrium 1, ground floor + 8:30 pm + 9:30 pm
7:45 pm GUIDED TOUR IN ENGLISH at the exhibition »Writing the History of the Future« (30 Min.) * + 10 pm
8:10 pm CECIA – (COLLABORATIVE ELECTROACOUSTIC COMPOSITION WITH INTELLIGENT AGENTS) Project presentation by Artemi – Maria Gioti & Kosmas Giannoutakis Cube, 1st floor (20 min.)
8:30 pm VISITE GUIDÉE EN FRANCAIS dans l’exposition »Negative Space« (45 Min.) *
8:40 pm PANEL DISCUSSION: CECIA – COLLABORATIVE ELECTROACOUSTIC COMPOSITION WITH INTELLIGENT AGENTS with Artemi – Maria Gioti, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Yannick Hofmann and other guests
Cube, 1st floor (until 9:30 pm)
10:10 pm LISTENING SESSION with electroacoustic works created at the ZKM
Cube, 1st floor (until 11:30 pm)



*Limited number of participants, registration at
Info Booth in the ZKM-Foyer