Giga Hertz Award 2019: Concert I
Giga-Hertz lettering
Artemi-Maria Gioti, Otto Wanke und GRAYCODE jiiiiin
Sat, November 23, 2019 8.30 pm CET, Concert

After the award ceremony, you can expect live performances by this year's prizewinners Artemi-Maria Gioti and Otto Wanke as well as a performance by the Korean duo GRAYCODE, jiiiiin, who won last year's prize.

Following the award ceremony on Saturday 23.11.2019, the newly developed concert works of the winners 2017 and 2018 will be presented in the ZKM_Cube: The SWR Experimentalstudio will premiere Hans Tutschkus (GHP 2017 Production Award Winner)'s work »Herkunft – entschlüsseln – entbehren« for cello and 8-channel live electronics, while the Korean duo GRAYCODE, jiiiiin (GHP 2018 Production Award Winner) will perform their new piece »e^ix, it's necessary« for the first time.

After the award ceremony, concert and presentation, we will conclude the evening on the music balcony with a reception and experience live electronic performances and DJ sets.



Artemi-Maria Gioti»Imitation game« (2018)
Otto Wanke»…in…« (2017)
GRAYCODE, jiiiiin»e^ix, it's necessary« (2019)

Performance and


Reception with live electronic performance


Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media and Karlsruhe