Women in detail - How feminine is the cultural sector?
Poster of the theme day »Frauen im Ausschnitt« at the ARD radio play days.
Theme day of the ARD Hörspieltage
Sat, November 09, 2019 11 am – 5 pm CET, Radio Play

Where art and culture are not only decoration and entertainment, men still have the say and the do over and over again. So let's talk about how women become audible at a festival for listening. What about feminism in radio plays? And how about feminism around the radio play? 

A lot has happened since #MeToo. A lot has been talked about, a lot has been done, a lot has been rethought. At first it was about sexual harassment and assaults, but soon it became a big debate about abuse of power and equality. Behavioural and speech practices that everyone used to think were normal are no longer house-trained. Nevertheless, we are still at the beginning - and we have been in Germany for at least 70 years, when the phrase »Men and women are equal« was used. was anchored in the Basic Law. In 2019 there will be a gender pay gap of 21 percent in Germany - one of the highest among the industrialized countries. We have a chancellor, but less than a third of the members of the Bundestag are women. Two women sit on the 12 director's chairs of the German radio stations. And so on. Basically, we all know the figures and the findings. And also the many complex reasons for this. »Women in detail« wants to make audible and visible what we are all still deaf and blind to - men and women alike.


Open discussion rounds - information and exchange - everyone talks along, every opinion counts

- Sabine Hark (Head of the Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies at the Technical University of Berlin)
- Lamya Kaddorm (Islamic scholar and journalist)
- Stefanie Lohaus (Co-editor of Missy Magazine and Head of Communication at EAF Berlin)
- Ania Mauruschat (literary and media scholar)
- Luise F. Pusch (linguist, founder of feminist linguistics)
- Hilde Weeg (radio and television journalist, Board member of the Journalistinnenbund e. V.)
as well as the audience and producers of the ARD Hörspieltage.

Moderation: Ute Soldierer

11 am: 1st round
Ania Mauruschat: Women in detail - Radio Plays in the Bechdel Test

The Bechdel test is quickly explained because it consists of four simple questions:

1: Are there at least two female roles in the piece?
2: Do these women have a name?
3: Do they talk to each other?
4: Are they talking about something other than a man?

The test is passed if all questions can be answered with yes. What are the answers for radio play productions from 2019? 

12 am: 2nd round
Work in Progress - Working in and out of the structures of everyday life

How much does our language determine our thinking, our consciousness? Which patterns of behaviour and decision can also be discovered in other artistic fields (literature, film, music), in which traps do we all fall again and again, whether we like it or not? And are there already working processes and structures that take a different approach to the basic gender order?

1:30 pm Break

2:30 pm Finale
"The Karlsruhe Postulates" - Workshop