The sound of silence. Listen to silence - capture silence - share silence
You can see a picture, drawn with watercolor and pencil on paper. It shows a cupboard on which are placed three tube TVs.
Sun, September 25, 2022 2 pm – 5 pm CEST, Workshop
ZKM | Center for Art and Media
Fully booked
Language: German

From 16 years, with registration - limited number of participants!

In this workshop we make the ZKM audible: What does an exhibition sound like? What does the foyer sound like? What does the forecourt sound like? We record, combine and compose. Together we will create a "silence concert", like the composer and visual artist John Cage did in the 1950s. 

His silent piece "4'33''" caused a sensation at the time because the pianist did not strike a key for 4 minutes and 33 seconds. It was not the sound of strings being struck that filled the room, but the quiet sounds, the everyday noises that mingled with the silence.

References to Cage and inspiration for our concert can be found in the exhibition "Lazy Clouds" by artist Soun-Gui Kim.

Registration is open until 12:00 pm on the Friday before the workshop.

Also available in English or French upon request.


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