Michael Iber

Year of birth, place
lives and works in
St. Pölten, Switzerland

The musician and radio journalist is presently developing a sonification method for the analysis of production data. As former pianist in the classic sense, today the intepretation of music and its context comprises the center of his artistic work. His so-called "soundalikes" involve the spectral analysis of audio files which, by means of an especially developed software, were transposed in randomly allocated instrumental scores. In the process, illustrations of music have become music, which provide the soundalike software of corresponding algorithms used for preparing instrumental images of audio files. The strange familiarity of the »soundalikes« is thus both obsequious and repulsive. There have been instrumental realizations of »soundalikes«, including those by the »Staatskapelle Weimar« (2006) or the »Ensemble Modern« (2011). He realized electronic works, among others, for the Berlin HAU theater »X-Appartments Project« (2008) or the »Frankfurt Positions« (2011).