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Tjebbe van Tijen

Year of birth, place

The Hague

Role at the ZKM

  • Artist of the Collection


Tjebbe van Tijen has worked as an artist in the field of sculpture and performance and has staged numerous multimedial actions in public. His historical interest and his collection activity led to projects with archives and libraries on subjects of knowledge storage and dissemination.

1961-65 Studied Sculpture at the Art Colleges for Higher Education in Den Bosch, Haarlem, Milan and London

Other activities
1968-69 Project work for a documentation center for »Art, Society and Technology« at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
1973-93 Curator of the Documentation Center for Social History at the University Library, Amsterdam
1988-91 Cofounder of the Foundation »Europe Against the Current«, exhibition curator - alternative and experimental design
1991 Founding of »Imaginary Museum Projects«
since 1993 Multi-media Advisor to the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

Projects (selection)
1977-86 »A Literary Psychogeography of Amsterdam«, which has been shown at diverse sites
since 1994 »Occasio, social history digital archive«, project for the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

Group exhibitions (selection)
1979 »Action Art of the Sixties«, Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam
1988/89 »Imaginary Museum of Revolution« (with Jeffrey Shaw), The Hague; La Vilette, Paris; Brucknerhaus, Linz
1995 »The Flat Space«, Netherlands Design Institute, Amsterdam; »Orbis Fictus - New Media in Contemporary Arts«, Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Reitschule im Waldstein-Palais, Prague
1996 Opening exhibition of the Society for Old and New Media, Waag Building, Amsterdam

Literature (selection)
Shaw, Jeffrey; Tijen, Tjebbe van: "Het museum van de toekomst - The museum of the future", »Vitrine«, 1988; Lovink, Geert: "We no Ionger collect the Carrier but the Information - Interview with Tjebbe van Tijen", »Mediamatic«, Vol. 8, No. 1, 1994; Tijen, Tjebbe van: "Fusing Interfaces - The library museum and amusement arcades", »Interact«, 1994; Soros Center for Contemporary Arts (ed.): »Orbis Fictus - New Media in Contemporary Arts«, Prague 1995; Schuurman, Koosje: "Een medium voor alle zintuigen", »Compress«, 1995; Tijen, Tjebbe van: "Ars Oblivivendi", Stocker, Gerfried; Schöpf, Christirre (ed.): »Ars Electronica Festival 96 - Memesis - The Future of Evolution«, New York, 1996

Works in connection with the ZKM
»Orbis Pictus Revised«



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