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 PIPES is a collaborative project of the ZKM | Karlsruhe and three further European cultural associations: CIANT (Prag), HANGAR (Barcelona) und BRAINZ (Prag). It involves Participatory Investigation of Public Engaging Spaces of communication with highly creative and technologically innovative ambitions. Within the project we will support intense interdisciplinary interactions among audiovisual media artists, communication specialists, scholars, architects, activists and the citizens with a goal to experiment with new models and symbolic means of communication. Special focus will be on a cognitive analysis of communication symbols and symbolic expressions leading to innovation in dynamic interactive tools and scenarios of expression and sharing.

iconuu – Public installation

iconuu has been developed by PIPES and is described best as an online platform and
 tool, working like an advanced social network. Within this network people communicate with a new code for an old system. The new code works like a sensual stenography to create a visual statement in a narrative format. The main principle is to put creativity before pragmatism.
Conceptually iconuu is framed under the understanding of a Participatory Culture. This perspective assumes that the expansion and democratization of new collaborative technologies allow users to experience not only with meanings but also with the different uses of the tools in ways that surprise their creators. Therefore iconuu is generally available for everyone under and exclusively, for a limited time period, with a specialized version in
Barcelona (Spanien) | HANGAR.ORG Seoul (Südkorea) | National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Budapest (Ungarn) | Ludwig Múseum  Wuhan (China) |
 Art Department of Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Karlsruhe (Deutschland) | ZKM  
Reykjavík (Island) | National Gallery of Iceland  

The pubic installations of iconuu are meant to motivate visitors to communicate with people around the globe, using a visual form of expression and crossing the limits of language. A simple Tablet-PC will be the entry point for joining a collaborating art-process and the way art is seen at GLOBALE.
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