Boris Groys: Thinking in Loop

Drei Videos über das Ikonoklastische, Rituelle und Unsterbliche / Three Videos on Iconoclasm, Ritual and Immortality

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Peter Weibel (Ed.)
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Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern

Thinking in Loop: Three videos on iconoclasm, ritual and immortality

Combining theoretical texts and film footage, these video lectures are not made with the aim of transmitting knowledge, commenting on the news, spreading religious and ideological propaganda, or being used in the framework of education. The topic of these videos is, actually, video as a medium: the use of the image within the video, the analogy between video and essay, the difference between private and public use of the video, the video running in loop as a contemporary form of ritual. The film footage is not used here as a mere illustration to make the text more comprehensible, or to make certain theoretical positions more evident. Rather, these video lectures thematize the gap between what we hear and what we see, and reflect on the relationship between image and word in our media driven world.

German and English
31 p. + 1 DVD

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