Mediagramm Nr. 9

September 1992

Cover of the publication »Mediagramm Nr. 9«
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Journal / Series
"Two years ago, in September 1990, we published the first issue of the »Mediagram«. Thus it is time for a short look back and also to remind our readers of how we understand the mission of our journal. We launched our quarterly panopticon to act as a mouthpiece for the ZKM, to report on its ongoing work and planned projects while at the same time being a “medium for citizens.” The endeavor has been successful, and we have acquired a large circle of interested people that reaches far beyond the immediate region of Karlsruhe. Thus an instrument has been created, which informs the public on a regular basis about the status of work to build the ZKM.

In the meantime the information about our program, and the many international connections and peripheral activities, has grown to dimensions that far surpass the capacity of an in-house magazine, and last but not least the inclusion of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, HfG, has opened new perspectives regarding form and content of the »Mediagram«. Besides the specific ZKM and HfG issues, increasingly external reports, commentaries, and essays are the focus of interest, which are timely and engage with questions concerning contemporary art and media technology, or with the problems of our media age in the broadest sense. The »Mediagram« is an open forum; with the contributions published in it our goal is to initiate and intensify discussion, and thus we again call upon our readers to participate (we really welcome readers’ letters, too!)"

– Ludger Hünnekens
8 p.
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Center for Art and Media