Two silhouettes looking at the computer-controlled robot painting with a yellow paint on a canvas.

Art, media and their artists

Whether forgotten, unnoticed, recognized, or very young artists - they all find a voice in the ZKM exhibitions - we introduce them.

Artikel der Rubrik

Pierre Huyghe showcases Monet's Water Lilies in new aesthetics, thus resetting our usual visual experience.
At nightfall, it becomes visible on the outer façade of the Cube, so that the exhibition extends as far as the ZKM spatially as well as in terms of time and media.
A robot arm, an uninterrupted line extending hundreds of kilometres, 900 million movements, 2,000 positionings of the canvas – this is the origin of »the big picture«.
Is the sombre rain solid or fluid? Is it falling or is it standing still? These questions are difficult to answer just by looking.
Vanmechelen has collaborated with geneticists and virologists in his projects. In 2010 he received an honorary doctorate for this.
Im Rahmen von »Die Stadt ist der Star - Kunst an der Baustelle« tritt der dänische Video- und Performancekünstler Christian Fals...