An orange robot arm writes with a large silver pen on paper

Artificial Intelligence

The attempt to transfer human learning and thinking to the computer – artificial intelligence – has captured society at the beginning of the 21st century. The development needs to be observed and questioned – artists are already experimenting in this field, often reflecting and opening our eyes. We present approaches and perspectives.

Artikel der Rubrik

Will there soon only be »music at the touch of a button« thanks to artificial intelligence – or will its application create a space for creative exchanges on an equal footing between humans and machines?
Imagine if in the future the museum is not only a physical place, but it also »moves« in virtual space? On July 3, 2020, experts at the ZKM discussed at the impulse conference »The Museum of the Future is No Longer a Museum« the future of the institution.
User: Alexa, what is the meaning of life?Alexa: 42, and don't forget your towel.  Around 63% of the German population have already heard of it, 18% own ...
In time loops, the exhibition seeks points of reference, with which the great narrative of technical innovations can be reflected and continued.